Star Citizen

RSI – Star Citizen

I couldn’t possible start this page off without mentioning Star Citizen.
Last I checked, it’s crowd funded itself a healthy 113.6 Million USD.

Star Citizen is the game to keep an eye on.
What’s Star Citizen? …
Mass Multiplayer Online, First Person Shooter including zero G combat, Interstellar realistic Flight Simulation with dog fighting and racing!
Multi crewed or single pilot space ships that you can stand up and walk around in at any time during flight.
Space to ground flight with no loading screen! Huge procedural planets! More then a dozen solar systems. Military, economy, trade, pirating…

Basically if you haven’t seen Star Citizen, you need to. youtube it.

I’ve noticed some online re-sellers trying to sell Star Citizen content.
Please do the right thing and buy your SC content from the creators and support the development.


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