PC Builds

There’s nothing better then a custom built pc when it comes to performance and affordability. Whether your on a tight budget or looking for the ultimate performance machine, having a build tailored to your requirements will always beat an ‘off the shelf’ computer.

I’ve built dozens of custom PC’s for clients, family and friends over the last decade and I can tell you from experience that the custom pc is more reliable, has better performance and brings far more joy then an equivalent priced store bought pc.

A word of caution though, not all custom builds are equal. When someone builds you a custom pc, your relying on their knowledge and experience to choose the right combination of components. There’s a massive variety of parts to choose from with varying price, performance, compatibility and features. What it all boils down to is the technicians knowledge and experience.

As a technician I pride myself on successful outcomes, meeting clients exact needs and providing the highest standard of customer service. All of my builds consist of components I know and trust to be reliable and performant.

$700 Budget Build

2TB hard drive
Intel dual core 3.3Ghz CPU
Proven high quality components
Includes your choice of Windows operating system
Price excludes Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

$1300 Entry level gaming

Intel quad core 3.2Ghz CPU
Nvidea GTX 950 GPU
8GB DDR4, 128G SSD + 2TB Hard drive
Price excludes Windows, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

My build fee is $60 for a custom budget build or $70 for a custom gaming build.
I service the great Brisbane area and will deliver for $40, including free in home install.