Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

Idle CPU time is wasted energy, BOINC turns that idle CPU time into a better future.
Help contribute towards the field of science of your choice by using BOINC to donate your idle CPU time to scientific research.

Construct 2

Scirra – No Programming Required

It’s great for beginners, and powerful enough to let experts work even quicker than by coding!

Construct 2 is an object oriented, graphical user interface (GUI) game and app making software.
It’s by far the most solid and easy to use game making software on the market.

The free version is great for making free web based games. The limitations imposed on the free version are easy enough to work within.
If your serious about developing apps or games then the personal licence is the way to go.
You can export to just about any platform including Android and iOS.

There’s a great range of features scaling from basic to advanced.
C2 also ties in really well with websites and databases using php and ajax.
All the apps I have listed on my site are made in Construct 2.